I am interested in quantum gravity and tools to study it. One such powerful tool is the AdS/CFT duality, where a gravitational theory in asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetime (AdS) is believed to be equivalent to a conformal field theory (CFT) in one lower dimension. I am interested in various aspects of this duality including but not restricted to entanglement entropy, quantum chaos and causality. I am also interested in topics of classical gravity (both in AdS and flat space) such as black hole uniqueness, the Penrose inequality, and positive energy theorems. Moreover, I am interested in celestial holography, a duality between scattering amplitudes in four-dimensional flat space and a two-dimensional theory on the so-called celestial sphere.

My publications can be found at INSPIRE-HEP or Research Gate.

I have relocated the rest of this page's content to my new personal website that collects summaries of my papers and in addition my brief notes on various topics.