On this page you can find some random things about me, all of which are entirely useless. However, at the bottom of the page, I have some random links which may actually be interesting.

I am a retired mnemonist. I was the champion of the 2011 World Junior Memory Championships, and was awarded the title Grand Master of Memory (GMM) in the same year. You can find my stats here where you can see my ranking as a very time dependent variable.

I am a newbie in photography. I post some photos on Instagram: dian_dian_wang.

Science Magazine periodic table: a series of pictures that demonstrate how the periodic table evolved with time.

My Stroke of Insight: Jill Bolte, a Harvard neuroanatomist, talks about the division of labour concerning the left and right hemispheres of the brain, after experiencing a stroke herself. (I thank Yutong Huang for bringing this to my attention.)

iWantToStudyEngineering: a great set of questions for high school physics or maths enthusiasts which can be really fun. For all these questions, the point is to not use complicated equations but to think outside the box and use the minimal amount of effort to solve them.

arXiv v.s. snarXiv by David Simmons-Duffin: Test your ability to distinguish real high energy paper titles from fake ones. (I thank Stephen Ebert for showing me this.)